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NPE-A2 Advanced

Condensing Tankless Water Heater


Navien NPE-A2 simply a smarter hot water system for today's life styles

Navien...the proven leader in condensing tankless, makes it even easier to install and set up with the new NPE-A2 series


2" PVC up to 75 feet and 1/2" gas up to 24 feet


High efficiency up to 0.95 UEF and up to 15:1 TDR


Durable dual stainless steel heat exchangers


EZNav™ multi-line control with built-in intuitive software

Built-in recirculation system

Navien’s patented ComfortFlow® system is the first to include a buffer tank, recirculation pump and fine-tuned controls into a tankless water heater, resolving the cold-water sandwich effect* and issues of minimal flow rates commonly found in other tankless water heaters.

* The “cold-water sandwich effect” is the undesired introduction of cold water into the hot water supply line on occasions of frequent on/off operations. (Measure Guideline : Transitioning to a Tankless Water heater, DOE, Sept.2012).


The built-in recirculation pump allows the NPE-A2 to recirculate water either through an external recirc line or through existing supply lines while using NaviCirc®, without the need for external pumps or controls.

Multi-line control with built-in intuitive software 

Navien’s new backlit EZNav™ control panel uses simple text and icons to make set up, operation status and troubleshooting faster and easier than ever before.

  • Self-diagnostics.
  • Displays temperature and water flow rate.
  • Displays status of cascade operation.
  • Convertible display from °F to °C.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • Easy setup.

Cascading up to 32 units and common vent up to 12 units

Cascade up to 32 units with Navien Ready-Link® technology.

With Navien's Ready-Link® cascading technology, when a unit gets up to 80% capacity the next unit will turn on to help meet requirements. The flow on demand ratio will continue until all 32 units are generating hot water as needed. The Navien cascading system also balances out the workload of each unit for longer life.

Common vent
up to 12 units

Building penetrations are reduced with Navien's common venting feature.

NPE-A2 Models

Max Input: 150,000 BTU/h
Indoor or outdoor wall-hung

ComfortFlow® Technology

Navien NPE-180A2 condensing tankless water heaters
View model
Max Input: 180,000 BTU/h
Indoor or outdoor wall-hung

ComfortFlow® Technology

Navien NPE-210A2 condensing tankless water heaters
View model
Max Input: 199,900 BTU/h
Indoor or outdoor wall-hung

ComfortFlow® Technology

Navien NPE-240A2 condensing tankless water heaters
View model

Optional Wi-Fi remote control systems


NaviLink & NaviLink Lite make it easy to communicate with your Navien systems anywhere internet service is accessible. The NaviLink system attaches easily to any new or existing* Navien tankless water heater, combi‐boiler and boiler. NaviLink Lite is great for single residential units and magnetically mounts to the side of the unit or can easily be mounted on the wall. Also, NaviLink Lite does not require external power.

* Existing installations may require the purchase of a new main PCB and front control panel. 

Click here to learn more about NaviLink

Available for Download
on IOS or Android

H2Air Kit optional combination space
heating and domestic hot water system

The H2Air Kit utilizes the NPE-A2 pump to circulate the hot water for the hydronic air handler. This removes the need to purchase an additional circulator for the heating system.

Designed for retrofit and new construction, the Navien H2Air Kit™ includes an add-on controller to integrate space heating and DHW between any NPE-A2 series tankless water heater and a hydronic air handler.

Click here to learn more about H2Air

Ready-Link® Manifold System for mounting on a wall or rack

  • Simply no waiting for custom racks
  • Simply easy to install...same day.
  • Simply more profitable.
  • Simply visit your local Navien wholesaler and pick up everything you need.
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