Heating and DHW System

Combination heating and DHW system using NPE-A Series condensing tankless water heaters


An add-on accessory for the Navien NPE-A Series tankless water heater that creates a high efficiency space heating and endless domestic hot water system

Additional features of the H2Air System

  • Domestic hot water priority or simultaneous domestic hot water and heating.
  • Endless supply of DHW.
  • Adjustable outdoor temperature reset and heating set points.
  • Adjustable pump purge timer.

H₂Air™ Kit AHU Optimizer

H2Air Kit includes

  • Controller
  • 13-pin connector cable
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Flow switch for domestic hot water

Optional Accessories

Plumb Easy Valve 3/4" with Relief Valve
Part Number: (30012581A)

Residential Neutralizer (1 unit)
Part Number: (GXXX001322)

Replacement Media

Part Number: (GXXX001323)

PeakFlowE™ Anti‑Scale System
Part Number: (GXXX001725)

CSA P.9-11 rating