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PeakFlow Series

Scale Prevention System

PeakFlow Series anti scale system

Navien PeakFlow® prevents water scaling in your tankless water heater & your entire water supply system

Navien PeakFlow anti-scale systems have protected Navien tankless water heaters and combi boilers from damaging lime/calcium deposits for many years. This advanced scale prevention technology is now available to protect your complete water supply system, for residential and commercial applications.

  • side by side images of domestic hot water lines: one untreated pipe with severe scale buildup and one pipe treated with scale inhibitor that is clear

    Hot water piping

  •  side by side images of tankless water heater heat exchangers, one with severe scale buildup and one without scale buildup

    Heat exchanger in tankless water heater

  • side by side images of hot water outlet on tankless water heater, one with severe scale buildup and one without scale buildup

    Hot water outlet on water heater

PeakFlow® Scale Prevention Media

PeakFlow® anti-scale technology transforms potential hard scale calcium carbonite buildup to microscopic soft scale (aragonite and vaterite) that can easily be washed out with water flow and won't adhere to plumbing and appliance surfaces. Calcite, vaterite and aragonite have the same chemical composition (calcium carbonate) with different structures.

Without PeakFlow, calcium carbonate forms calcite: a very hard type of scale that builds up in heat exchangers, reducing heat transfer efficiency and blocking water flow. PeakFlow prevents harmful calcite scale buildup to maintain applicance efficiency and water flow.

  • microscope image of calcite scale with crystalline structure

    Calcite scale - crystal structure

  • microscope image of vaterite scale with amorphous formation

    Vaterite scale - amorphous

  • microscope image of aragonite scale with needle-shaped crystals

    Aragonite - crystal needles

Reduce scale, increase your energy efficiency

Monthly Utility Bill Water Heater Portion 30% Savings Annual Savings
$100.00 $20.00 $6.00 $72.00
$150.00 $30.00 $9.00 $108.00
$200.00 $40.00 $12.00 $144.00
$250.00 $50.00 $15.00 $180.00
$300.00 $60.00 $18.00 $216.00

Industry studies indicate that reducing scale and sediment can contribute up to a 30% increase in efficiency.

Navien PeakFlow® chemical-free & salt-free anti-scale water treatment systems are better for the environment

installation of anti scale system for tankless water heater

PeakFlow® water treatment technology is the ecological and economical anti-scale solution for residential and commercial water supply systems.

Navien PeakFlow units are certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI/- CAN 61 Standard and PeakFlow A is certified by IAPMO R&T to IAPMO Z601 -83% for scale reduction.

  • Prevents scale 
  • No chemical​s
  • Low maintenance​​
  • Low cost​
  • Environmentally friendly​

PeakFlow S

A chemical-free, scale prevention water treatment system designed for residential point of use applications with flow rates up to 6 gpm

 Learn more about the
PeakFlow S model

PeakFlow S anti scale system

PeakFlow A

This advanced water treatment system is not only chemical-free and anti-scaling but has higher flow rates up to 10 gpm for residential or commercial, point of entry and point of use applications.

 Learn more about the
PeakFlow A model

PeakFlow A whole house scale prevention system

PeakFlow C

A highly recommended scale prevention system for larger residential and commercial applications up to 20 gpm. This environmentally friendly system is a “must buy” in areas of hard water and when sized correctly can help to ensure the performance and longevity of your system.

 Learn more about the
PeakFlow C model

PeakFlow C scale inhibitor system for commercial and industrial applications
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