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NPF Series

High-Efficiency Hydronic Forced Air Furnace

Navien NPF Series hydronic forced air furnace upflow and horizontal models

Navien NPF Hydro-furnaces Have Industry-Leading Variable Capacity Operation

Introducing the latest evolution in home heating: our NPF hydro-furnace features a stainless steel hydronic heat exchanger, condensing technology, and a high-efficiency variable capacity blower and modulating gas burner, allowing the NPF to operate from 15-100% capacity for both natural gas and propane applications.

Whether you choose a vertical upflow or horizontal flow model you’ll benefit from the same advanced features, performance and warranty protection.


Variable Speed Blower Motor Optimizes Furnace Performance for Lower Cost, Longer Lifespan, and Greater Comfort with Whisper-Quiet Operation.

The NPF’s Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) achieves greater efficiency than traditional PSC motors, and qualifies for most gas furnace efficiency incentives.

Navien NPF series hydro air furnace ECM and variable speed blower visible with  cover removed

The NPF’s variable speed blower also:

  • Provides increased electrical efficiency because it can match the exact airflow requirements of the HVAC system
  • Ensures optimal comfort & reduces unnecessary energy consumption for lower energy bills thanks to fine-tuned control
  • Operates with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) accessories in continuous “fan-on” mode at less cost than traditional blower motors
  • Has soft start & stop capabilities which minimize power surges, extend the service life of the blower & reduce strain on the overall HVAC system
  • Can run at lower speeds than traditional blower motors, reducing noise levels

Variable capacity operation allows for more precise temperature and humidity control, more consistent comfort and minimal power consumption.

Navien NPF series hydro air furnace with cover removed and all interior components exposed

NPF: Where High Performance Meets High Efficiency

With 97% AFUE, the NPF hydro-furnace is substantially more efficient than older, less-efficient forced-air furnaces. Benefits include:

  • Supply & return air temperature sensors
  • Compatible with modern high-efficiency, high-static air filtration systems
  • Sustains airflow up to 1.0” external static pressure
  • Dual-fuel compatible (gas or electric) when paired with any AHRI-matched heat pump
  • Humidity control compatible (both passive & active) when paired with any heat pump or AC system - just add a humidistat
  • Flexible control system allows full variable capacity operation with a one or two-stage thermostat

NPF dynamically adjusts airflow and heat capacity to match the load requirements of the conditioned space.

New Navien Hydro-furnance™

Learn how Navien’s modern engineering innovations are making strides in home heating technology and environmental responsibility.


Simplify Setup

NPF’s user-friendly control panel makes it easy for technicians to configure the unit &, reduces downtime.

Navien NPF hydro air furnace user-friendly control panel
  • Unit-mounted control panel provides direct readout in clear text, including diagnostic alerts & reminders
  • Control panel includes Set-Up Wizard that walks installer through simple unit configuration
  • Independent settings for discharge air temperature & air flow allow the system to optimize performance
  • Adjust & monitor supply and return air temperatures using the built in sensors
  • Integrated non-volatile self-diagnostics make identifying & correcting any problem a snap
  • Status panel provides easy-to-read graphics & settings information

Quiet Comfort

One of the quietest furnaces in the industry is made possible by the combination of isolated combustion that occurs outside of the airstream, variable capacity operation and intelligent blower ramping.


chart illustrating the minimum and maximum noise levels of NPF hydro air furnace to other common sounds

Sound Pressure Levels (dBA)

We test our products in a sound laboratory specifically built to resemble a typical residence. Sound level recordings produced at steady state minimum and maximum operation measured three feet from the furnace. Additional sound level information available at:

Easy Installation

Navien’s NPF hydro-furnace is advanced, not complicated: we’ve made it easier than ever to replace a conventional forced-air furnace with hydronic forced air.

  • New NPF700 furnace will match with standard width coils
  • Standard left-side gas, electrical & water connections are field convertible to right side
  • Unit can be manually filled with water or attached to an active water source using a ¼” connection
  • Clearly marked Molex terminal strip & board located at the front of the blower compartment make control wire connection quick & easy
  • Factory-formed full perimeter discharge flange makes duct connections & sealing easy
  • On high-airflow installations, the profile readily allows side & bottom return
  • Each unit is supplied with an LP conversion kit, as well as a natural gas high-altitude kit for installations up to 10,100 ft elevation
  • Every NPF model is approved for one or two pipe vent installations
Navien NPF hydro air furnace with transparent illustration of heating and air return ductwork connections

Service time?

NPF’s innovative design includes thoughtful features for painless maintenance:

  • Flame rod and igniter are readily accessible for inspection, maintenance or service by removing two easy-access front-facing screws
  • Separate blower door allows you to leave the blower compartment sealed while cleaning or servicing
  • Single-side return matches with standard size filter boxes or return air drops
  • Trap has a removable bottom to make annual cleaning quick
  • Fully insulated cabinet with cleanable insulation
  • If the water system requires service, a drain down valve is conveniently located at the bottom of the unit, accessible from the front

NPF Models

Max HTG Input: 60,000 BTU/h

Available in NG or LP

Navien NPF upflow hydro air furnace up to 60,000 BTU/h
View model
Max HTG Input: 100,000 BTU/h

Available in NG or LP

NPF upflow hydro air furnace up to 100,000 BTU/h
View model
Max HTG Input: 60,000 BTU/h

Available in NG or LP

Navien NPF horizontal hydro air furnace up to 60,000 BTU/h
View model
Max HTG Input: 100,000 BTU/h

Available in NG or LP

Navien NPF horizontal hydro air furnace up to 100,000 BTU/h
View model

Minimize Harmful Emissions & Your Carbon Footprint

The Navien NPF delivers comfort while remaining a steward for the environment. With an AFUE of 97% the NPF delivers reliable home heating while efficiently minimizing resource consumption. The Navien NPF also minimizes emissions and meets the SCAQM ultra-low NOx emission requirement of 14ng/j. NOx emissions contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain, ultimately having negative effects on water quality.

Navien hydro-furnaces are a great choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

residential condensate neutralizer for Navien NPF hydro air furnace

Neutralizer Kit

Brings condensate water back to a neutral balance, to help prevent drain & sewer corrosion and ensure that water downstream has an environmentally-friendly pH.

Residential Neutralizer (V2) GXXX002212
Residential Replacement Media GXXX001323 

Outdoor Temperature Sensor & Cable

Sensor measures the outside air temperature and compensates for ambient conditions, for more efficient operation.

Part Number: (30012950A)

outdoor temperature sensor and cable for Navien NPF hydro air furnace
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