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April 11, 2024

Benefits of our NPF Hydro Furnace for AC

Navien’s NPF hydro-furnace uses a hydronic forced air heat exchanger in conjunction with industry leading variable capacity operation to provide reliably even heating in cold months. The NPF also provides independent airflow for air conditioning, heat pump and fan-on settings, providing year-round comfort.

When paired with an AC or heat pump system, the NPF’s variable capacity blower can be customized for a comfortable and quiet cooling experience providing optimized efficiency.

Higher Efficiency & Lower Energy Bills

The NPF hydro-furnace has an industry-leading variable capacity heating control system that intelligently adjusts between 15% and 100% capacity.

The ECM variable speed blower optimizes energy savings by making precise adjustments rather than cycling on and off like 1 or 2-stage systems.

In warmer months, the NPF hydro-furnace also enhances the efficiency of air conditioning and heat pump systems for reduced energy consumption in warmer months.

hydronic furnace ac combo temperature with variable capacity

Enjoy More Comfort in Every Season

The NPF hydro-furnace is compatible with conventional  and smart thermostats, including home automation platforms. Its flexible control system enables full variable capacity operation using a one or two-stage thermostat.

NPF automatically adjusts air temperature and airflow to keep your indoor spaces comfortable, and provides a quiet cooling experience in warmer months. An optional outdoor reset sensor adapts settings based on changing outdoor conditions, so you’ll never be caught off guard by a sudden chill or heat wave.

NPF is also humidity control compatible (both passive and active) when paired with a heat pump or AC system and dehumidistat.

Pairing our hydro-furnace with an air conditioner or heat pump allows precise adjustments to maximize both comfort and efficiency in any weather, from a deep freeze to a summer heat wave and the ever-changing conditions common in spring and fall.

Learn more about the benefits of our high-efficiency hydronic forced air furnace or find an installer.

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