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September 25, 2017

Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Navien Unit

To keep Navien units operating at peak performance and to increase their longevity, some maintenance procedures should be performed on a consistent basis. Below are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most out of your Navien unit.

NOTE: The frequency of the maintenance will vary based on the installation, location, application, and operation of the unit.

Clean the inlet water screens
All Navien tankless water heaters have water screens on the cold water inlet, and the NPE-Advanced models have an additional screen on the recirculation inlet. Navien combi-boilers have inlet water screens on the DHW cold-water connection, along with a screen between the heating supply and return connections. Navien NHB boilers have a screen on the return connection.

Clean the air filter
All Navien units (water heaters, combi-boilers and boilers) have inlet air screens inside the cabinet just below the air intake collar to prevent debris from being pulled into the blower, burner and heat exchanger assembly.

Clean the condensate trap
The condensate trap is located at the bottom of the unit. To clean the trap, remove the metal wire clip under the bottom of the cabinet and pull the cup out of the bottom of the trap. When you replace the trap, ensure that the o-ring is correctly in place.

Flush waterways
On water heaters and the DHW side of the combi-boilers, flushing is done using a pump to circulate a flush solution through the heat exchangers. Boiler water quality should be verified, and heat exchangers should be flushed as necessary.

Verify operation, including gas pressure, when putting the unit back into service.

For more information regarding maintenance procedures for your Navien tankless water heater, please consult the operation manual.

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