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August 22, 2017

What's Tools are in Your Carrier?

Ever wonder which tools in your carrier are absolutely necessary for a smooth Navien installation?

Here’s an inside look at our tool bag: all the needed tools a service technician should have when working on a Navien unit.

1. Hand Tools:
a. Phillips screwdriver for removing the front cover and any screws inside.
b. Adjustable tongue and groove plier for removing inlet screens, if necessary.
c. Flat blade screwdriver for opening ports on gas valve.

2. AC/DC Capable Multi-Meter: for testing electrical components.

3. Gas Manometer: for checking gas pressure on units. A good single port digital manometer is good for checking inlet gas pressure, but a dual port manometer will allow for additional testing.

4. Combustion Analyzer: (optional) for improving testing capabilities with the unit; however, this is not required for installing or servicing Navien units. Some of the current high efficiency equipment will require the use of an analyzer, so investing in one could help your business expand the equipment you can service.

5. Your Hands: The majority of the waterway connections in the Navien units are simple capture clip style connections requiring no tools.
Navien units offer simple component replacement, easy testing procedures, and overall ease of service, saving time and money for the technician and the homeowner.

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