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December 12, 2019

Momence Packing Plant Saves with Navien Tankless Water Heaters


Momence Packing in Momence, IL uses over 600,000 gallons of water each month and their old hot water system was not able to keep up with the demand at an efficient rate. The 1.9 million BTU/H boiler to indirect tank system ran at .60 efficiency and would constantly experience bursting pipes, failing electronics and drops in temperature. A cramped boiler room and oversized boiler made the unit difficult to work on for Utilities Lead, Jason Osborn and his team.


Zachary Hiser of Ron’s Plumbing and Heating recommended a 10-unit NPE tankless water heater system, cascaded and common vented, for a more efficient water heating experience. The space-saving NPE tankless water heaters were wall-hung to free up floor space in the boiler room and allow easy access to each unit.


High efficiency and cost savings: The NPE series tankless water heaters offer an industry leading .99 EF/.97 UEF efficiency rating, well over the .60 EF that the old boiler system had. This boost of efficiency led to a $700/month savings on utilities costs for Momence Packing.

Redundancy and reliability: “Our Navien system has been much more reliable than our old boiler, and we maintain much better temperature on our water,” said Osborn. The built-in redundancy of 10 NPE tankless water heaters allows the high demand of water to be shared across all the units which helps to maintain consistent temperature, improves life longevity of the system, and continues to provide hot water should a unit need maintenance.

Space-saving and easy serviceability: The wall-hung NPE tankless water heaters freed up tons of space in the boiler room and allowed easy access to each unit for service and maintenance. Hiser commented, “With the old system, everything was so jam packed that they couldn’t work on the boiler or any other objects within the boiler room. With the new Navien system mounted on the wall, they are in love with the space that has opened up and allowed them to work on items in the boiler room.”

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