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December 12, 2019

Plaza Resort Makes Quick Change to Tankless Water Heaters


The Plaza Resort in Palm Springs, CA was experiencing issues with their 750,000 BTU/H boiler and 150-gallon indirect tank. Several parts kept needing to be replaced, and after the system had shut down for the fourth time, General Manager, Rob Gentile realized it was time to make a change. However, with a busy hotel, Rob needed a change to be done in only 4 hours.


Louis Dombrowski of Crossfire Corp., understanding that he had a limited window of time, recommended that The Plaza Resort upgrade to 6 Navien NPE tankless water heaters to provide endless hot water for the 81-room hotel. Louis and his team were able to prefabricate the 6-unit NPE system on Ready-Link® Racks prior to the installation time window, and crane in the prefabricated system to the boiler room to save a tremendous amount of time and have the system up and running before time ran out.

Dombrowski tankless water heaters


Consistency: “Our property is held to strict quality standards for water temperature,” said Gentile, “Navien NPE tankless water heaters have done a tremendous job of keeping the consistency in temperature that we need.” Cascaded NPE tankless water heaters share the heating load across multiple units to provide redundancy and consistency to make sure the required temperature is always met.

Space-saving design and installer friendly: The boiler and indirect tank system took up nearly half of the boiler room at The Plaza Resort. Switching to a cascaded and common-vented Navien NPE tankless water heater system freed up a lot of space in the boiler room making everything in there easy to access and service when needed. The sleek, installer-friendly design of the NPEs and easily assembled Ready-Link racks allowed Dombrowski to prepare the 6-unit system in the Crossfire Corp. warehouse and quickly have it installed once onsite at The Plaza Resort.

Efficiency and Reliability: A major component for switching to a tankless water heater system was the number of rebates that the highly efficient (0.96 UEF) NPE series tankless water heaters qualified for. Beyond the initial savings, The Plaza Resort has seen a 25% savings in their gas bill since switching to Navien. With an 8-year commercial warranty, The Plaza Resort will have a reliable system of endless hot water to provide their guests for many years to come.

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