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December 03, 2017

Village of Worth Public Works Department

Project Details

Navien delivers steady stream of hot water to wash as many as five big trucks a day, plus supply all other hot water needs.


The Village of Worth, Illinois, was looking to reduce energy costs and still supply enough hot water for their utility facility. The village maintains a fleet of 30 trucks and needs to wash as many as five a day, plus supply plenty of hot water to showers and wash up sinks for the 10-man work crew. Their old 80-gallon water heater was not up the job.


Wayne Demonbreun, Superintendent of Public Works at the Village of Worth, researched alternatives. When he studied Navien tankless heaters, he liked the efficiency and ability to supply all the hot water they needed, but only what they needed. Working with Mark Brickey of Metropolitan Industries, they replaced their outdated system with a Navien NPE-240A.



Energy savings: Wayne told us, “We looked at this Navien unit simply for the purpose of saving money on gas. Our gas bill most likely would go down with this unit because it doesn’t have to work all the time. That was valuable to the village. So far, it’s been working out very nicely and it accommodates our hot water use very well.”

Steady supply of hot water: “The Navien unit is designed to give us hot water when we need it as long as we need it, and it does that,” Wayne said. “At our facility, it accommodates every part of the hot water needs for a regular public works department of our size. We can wash trucks at about the same rate as with the 80-gallon heater, but now we don’t run out of hot water. It’s pretty much a smart machine. It doesn’t keep the water hot when you’re not using it. You have an output of so many degrees at the end of that hose no matter what.”

Quiet, cool operation: The Navien system runs quieter than traditional tank water heaters. “You don’t even hear them run,” said Wayne. “Another thing,” he added, “they run a lot cooler because they are so efficient. That’s a real advantage in the summer when we’re trying to keep the room cooler.”

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