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April 04, 2024

Hydro-furnace vs Conventional Forced Air

A hydronic forced air furnace offers serious advantages over a traditional forced air furnace:

  • Industry's widest capacity range (15-100%)
  • Improved comfort
  • Quieter operation
  • Unit mounted controls
  • Simplified install & maintenance
  • Industry-leading warranty

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of hydronic forced air heating:

Variable Capacity Operation Minimizes Energy Consumption

Compared to a traditional gas furnace, a hydro-furnace offers closer temperature control, with independent air flow and discharge air settings to better optimize performance.

Industry leading variable capacity operation from 15% to 100% continually optimizes furnace performance to match the exact requirements of the home, minimizing cycling and temperature swings. This smooth and steady operation is far more efficient and quieter than traditional furnaces.

Traditional single- or two-stage furnaces cycle on and off as the capacity rarely precisely matches the comfort needs of the home.  This is far less efficient and increases wear-and-tear on the system.

The hydro-furnace is dual-fuel compatible (gas or electric) when matched with any AHRI listed- heat pump system.

Hydronic Forced Air Delivers More Comfortable Home Heating

The flexible control system with variable capacity operation is not only more energy efficient, it creates a much more comfortable indoor environment.

Single- or two-stage furnaces cycle on and off, blasting hot air when the temperature falls below a certain point, then shutting down until the air cools off enough to trigger a new cycle.

Our hydro-furnace has built-in supply and return air sensors that work with the variable speed blower motor to dynamically adjust heating capacity and airflow so it’s never too hot or too cold.

Less Impact on Humidity Levels

Air heated by a conventional forced air furnace feels drier because it’s exposed to such high temperatures. Indoor humidity levels can plummet in winter unless humidity is added from an outside source.

In contrast, a hydro-furnace has less of an impact on the conditioned air humidity level because it exposes the airstream to much lower temperatures.

Our hydro-furnace is also compatible with both passive and active humidity control via humidistat when paired with any heat pump or AC system.

Improved Comfort Year Round

The hydro-furnace provides independent airflow for AC, heat pump and fan-on settings for variable capacity operation and year-round comfort. Robust airflow ensures all parts of your home are heated or cooled evenly.

Hydronic Forced Air Is Much Quieter

A traditional forced air furnace has the heat exchanger, where combustion occurs, located directly in the conditioned airstream.

Our hydro-furnace keeps combustion in a separate, fully enclosed compartment outside of the conditioned airstream, greatly reducing sound levels.

With the ability to reduce capacity to precisely match a home's ever changing comfort needs (down to an industry low of 15%), our hydro-furnace reduces sound levels by burning less gas and moving less air.

Intelligent blower ramping provides soft starts and stops, which means reduced sound, on/off cycles and a longer service life.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The hydro-furnace has an intuitive EZNav control panel that provides a direct readout, including water level, diagnostic alerts and reminders.

The backlit LCD panel provides clear system status and settings information.  Integrated start-up and service wizard walk the contractor through set-up and configuration minimizing the opportunity for issues.

Integrated self-diagnostics simplifies troubleshooting providing not only the issue but also the possible solution.  Alerts are saved in non-volatile memory (meaning the information will not be lost if there is a power outage).

Eligible for Credits & Rebates

The NPF hydro-furnace has an AFUE of 97% and meets the SCAQM ultra-low NOx emission requirement of 14ng/j, as well as CEE Tier 3 criteria.

See current offers in our rebate center, and check with your local utility to verify eligibility for rebate programs in your area.

Simplified Furnace Installation & Maintenance

The NPF condensing hydronic furnace was designed to make installation easier:

  • Upflow & horizontal models available
  • Approved for one or two pipe vent installations
  • Left or right side gas, electrical & water connections
  • Full perimeter discharge duct flange for easy duct connection & sealing
  • Compatible with conventional one or two-stage thermostats
  • Matches with standard width coils
  • Allows side & bottom return air connections for maximum airflow with minimum sound.
  • High altitude kit & LP conversion kit supplied standard

The NPF also makes maintenance quick and easy:

  • Maintenance reminders are built into the unit and display on the EZNav panel
  • Remove 2 easy-access front facing screws to inspect flame rod & igniter
  • Matches with standard size filter boxes and return air drops
  • Trap is external to the cabinet with a removable bottom for fast cleanout
  • Cleanable insulation in cabinet
  • Blower compartment remains sealed during cleaning or service
  • Front access to drain down valve

Industry-Leading Warranty

The Navien NPF hydro-furnace is backed by a limited warranty that covers labor, parts and the heat exchanger, providing peace of mind and access to highly trained service professionals.

Registered residential hydro-furnace parts are covered for 10 years, and the combustion heat exchanger is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This can be a value-adding selling point if you’re thinking of selling your home.

Learn more about the NPF hydro-furnace or find an installer near you.

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